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Audience Reviews


Informative, inspiring, engaging. Learned a lot about personality types of employees and how to manage and lead various personalities.

Real world application to dealing with coworkers, subordinates, and personal relationships.

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Ah ha moments or “why didn’t I think of that”

Keeps me grounded in what I can control and what I can do for my personal wellbeing.

Engaging, thoughtful and passionate. The information we learned today was immensely beneficial as a professional and as a human!

What a great way to end our principal meeting. Going to keep the card handy to remember the 7 ways to lessen my stress and live a better life.

This session was so good!!! There were so many helpful ideas that I can put into action. I feel motivated to improve my life and dream more!


Inspiring! Making me realize how many ways I can say no without making someone feel bad or feel guilty myself.

It was practical and useful while moving and engaging.  The information is so needed, and I appreciated her passion about the topic!

Great tips on how to address employs in a caring manner.


Very informative, gives great outlook on being happy, putting yourself first, how to engage positively.

Easy to understand, immediately implementable strategies to build relationships through conflict resolution.

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