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Avoid Costly Leadership Mistakes

Secrets to Successfully Navigate the 5 Types of People

Built around Sherene's book, Navigate, Costly Leadership Mistakes is Sherene’s keynote presentation featuring real-world stories, immediately actionable steps and an enduring message that boosts morale and sets audience members up for long-term success.


Key Audience Takeaways:

Tailored specifically to your event and goals, this keynote presentation is relevant for every member of your leadership team from the newest manager to the C-Suite. Full of real-world examples, immediately implementable strategies and Sherene’s engaging blend of practical content shared with heart and humor, this presentation is guaranteed to create a buzz and become part of your event’s vocabulary.   

Does the passivity or vindictiveness of some of the people you lead ever confuse you? Have you ever wanted to scream, “Why don’t people just do their job?” Are you ready to boost engagement and lessen frustrations, stress and burnout? You’re not alone. 

The Gallup Poll indicates only 32% of employees are actively engaged and committed to their work and workplace, 51% are passively disengaged and 17% are actively disengaged and trying to cause problems. If you want to be highly effective and profitable, you must understand the five types of people you lead and adjust your leadership strategies accordingly. 

With a PhD in Counselor Education and decades of firsthand experience and research, Sherene shares her insights into increasing engagement, creating psychologically safe workplaces and ensuring that high performers aren’t burned out.


Attendees will discover:

  • High-impact strategies for working with High Flyers, Steady Gliders, Lackers, Slackers and Hackers.

  • Ways to hold individuals accountable for tasks and behaviors.

  • How to halt disruptive behaviors before they destroy morale.

  • Strategies for protecting high performers from burning out.

“Sherene flawlessly delivered a keynote and breakout session for our conference and kept our leaders engaged, entertained, and inspired with relevant information, humorous anecdotes and practical tips for application. I highly recommend Sherene if you want a no fuss, well-prepared, passionate, and engaging speaker for your next event.”

Vanessa Davis, Manager of Training and Development
Freidman Real Estate

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