The People IQ Expert

 Dr. Sherene McHenry, The People IQ Expert, is a former graduate professor turned full-time speaker and author. Boost employee engagement, productivity and purpose. Book her for your next event!

Dr. Sherene McHenry, CSP

Long a keen observer of people and relationships, Sherene offered her first, albeit unsolicited, marriage advice before she could drive. Although it was rejected, Sherene went on to earn a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and has spoken on three continents and extensively throughout the United States. 

She started her career as a college administrator, but after discovering her passion for unlocking “the light bulb of learning”, Sherene became a professor. After 18 ½ years of pouring into graduate students, she transitioned into being a full-time motivational speaker.  

Sherene is the author of Navigate: Understanding the Five Types of PeoplePick: Choose to Create a Life You LoveSeven Ways To Get Your Team Fully Empowered and Engaged Guidebook, and The Busy Students' Guide to College and Career Success. She also addresses leadership and workplace issues as a syndicated magazine columnist and has been cited in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal and Speaker Magazine.


Over the years three things became crystal clear to Sherene:

  1. People are complex.

  2. The better individuals understand themselves and others, the easier it is to successfully navigate life, leadership and relationships.

  3. Caring, hard working professionals are at extremely high risk for burnout.

​Authentic, quick-witted and highly engaging, Sherene provides her clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to increase engagement, productivity and purpose. Consistently garnering rave reviews, Sherene creates customized programs that are fast paced, fun and packed with immediately usable information.

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Dr. Sherene McHenry- The People IQ Expert
Pick: Choose to Create a Life You Love
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7 Ways to Get Your Team Fully Empowered & Engaged
The Busy Students' Guide to College & Career Success

What Makes Sherene The People IQ Expert?

Sherene deeply understands people and empowers individuals and organizations around the globe to bring out the best in themselves and others. She possesses a PhD, has read thousands of books, authored multiple books, engaged in research and spent a lifetime observing what does and doesn’t work when it comes to people, relationships and leadership.
Sherene saves audiences the time, money and work it takes to gain such knowledge by simplifying and sharing the essential, real-world information they need to obtain their desired outcomes. Businesses boost their engagement, productivity and profitability, and individuals enjoy happier, healthier relationships and greater success in and out of the workplace.