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Would you like to extend the learning beyond Sherene’s presentation?


Her books make great gifts and enduring resources for attendees and are available for bulk purchase.


If books aren’t already included in your contract, contact to place your bulk order today.

Extend The Learning!

Extend the Learning | Leadership-Development-in-Michigan

Sherene shares personal stories and hard earned, real life lessons on how to decrease stress, create healthier relationships, navigate conflict, move past what’s holding you back, and turn your dreams into your reality. 

Extend the Learning | Leadership-Development-in-Michigan

People are complex and relationships can be difficult. Sherene shares simple, practical ideas you can immediately implement to enhance your leadership skills, enrich your life, and transform your relationships in and out of the workplace.

Price Breakdown

Sherene’s books are in stock and available to be autographed and shipped right to you.

1 Book:

10 Books:

50 Books:

100+ Books:

$20 shipped free

$15 plus shipping

$12 plus shipping

$10 plus shipping

Larger quantities may be quoted and are available upon request.

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