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Keynotes that engage, motivate and educate.

Are you looking for a high energy, high touch, high impact presentation that will enhance your organization, change lives, and be talked about for years to come? Wouldn't it be great if you could boost engagement, well-being and profitability? Is it time for your leaders, team and organization to achieve even greater success? 

With decades of experience as a motivational keynote speaker and a PhD in Counselor Education, Sherene is a go-to resource for entertaining, high content programs that provide practical, immediately implementable skills.

Sherene’s powerful blend of stories, humor and content equips organizations to boost their leadership, engagement and profitability, and enhances audience member’s well-being, relationships, and success.  

Sherene's Most Popular Presentations

From conference keynotes and breakout sessions to virtual presentations,
Sherene McHenry has a presentation guaranteed to wow your audience.

Practical, personal and relevant, each high energy, high touch, high content presentation is tailored to your audience and desired outcomes. As entertaining as they are educational, Sherene’s programs enhance organizations, change lives and are talked about for years to come.

Maximize Your Leadership

Navigating the 5 Types of People

Built around Sherene's book, Navigate, Maximize Your Leadership features real-world stories, immediately actionable steps and an enduring message that boosts morale and sets audience members up for long-term success.

Ready to Boost Engagement?

Tailored specifically to your event and goals, this keynote presentation is relevant for every member of your leadership team from the newest manager to the C-Suite. Full of real-world examples, immediately implementable strategies and Sherene’s engaging blend of practical content shared with heart and humor, this presentation is guaranteed to create a buzz and become part of your event’s vocabulary.   

Does the passivity or vindictiveness of some of the people you lead ever confuse you? Have you ever wanted to scream, “Why don’t people just do their job?” Are you ready to boost engagement and lessen frustrations, stress and burnout? You’re not alone. 

The Gallup Poll indicates only 32% of employees are actively engaged and committed to their work and workplace, 51% are passively disengaged and 17% are actively disengaged and trying to cause problems. If you want to be highly effective and profitable, you must understand the five types of people you lead and adjust your leadership strategies accordingly. 

With a PhD in Counselor Education and decades of firsthand experience and research, Sherene shares her insights into increasing engagement, creating psychologically safe workplaces and ensuring that high performers aren’t burned out.


Attendees will discover:

  • High-impact strategies for working with High Flyers, Steady Gliders, Lackers, Slackers and Hackers.

  • Ways to hold individuals accountable for tasks and behaviors.

  • How to halt disruptive behaviors before they destroy morale.

  • Strategies for protecting high performers from burning out.

“Sherene flawlessly delivered a keynote and breakout session for our conference and kept our leaders engaged, entertained, and inspired with relevant information, humorous anecdotes and practical tips for application. I highly recommend Sherene if you want a no fuss, well-prepared, passionate, and engaging speaker for your next event.”

Vanessa Davis, Manager of Training and Development
Freidman Real Estate

Less Stress! Greater Success!

Actions and Attitudes that Prevent Burnout

Built around Sherene’s book, Pick, Less Stress! Greater Success! is filled with humor, real-world stories and immediately implementable insights that keep burnout at bay, boost morale and reconnect audiences with their passion and purpose.

Ready to Enhance Well-Being?

Tailored to meet your objectives and goals, this energizing, humorous and engaging presentation is designed to set the tone of your event and is ideal for kicking off your conference or company meeting.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world and workplace, individuals are becoming increasingly frazzled, frustrated and fearful. Workloads are increasing. Burnout is rising. Tempers are flaring. What if you had simple strategies you could use to enhance your mood and boost your energy in less than one minute? What if you were proactive instead of reactive when dealing with difficult people? 

Whether you’re zapped, burned out or thinking of tapping out, this fast-paced, fun and interactive presentation provides the tools you need to be energized, engaged and motivated. Engaging in proactive attitudes and behaviors empowers you to operate from a position of strength and guide those you lead and serve to do the same.


Attendees will discover:

  • Proactive attitudes and behaviors.

  • Strategies that immediately restore and renew energy and passion.

  • Tactics for mitigating Drainers, Takers, Gators and Players.

"Incredibly inspiring, funny and comforting! Sherene helped "fill my tank" and taught me to take care of myself. Her presentation is life changing.”

Loreto Echevarria, Clinical Manager

Bayada Home Health

Ready to Tackle Problems?

Got Employee Problems? Get Results!

How to Effectively Address Concerns and Lead Crucial Conversations

Filled with immediately actionable steps, spot-on examples and Sherene’s signature blend of heart and humor, Got Problems? Get Results! moves audiences from talking about the importance of addressing problematic behaviors into effectively leading difficult conversations.

Relevant to every member of your team and level of leadership, this highly interactive keynote presentation is tailored to your event and objectives. Discover a framework you can immediately use to address concerns, navigate excuses and eliminate problem behaviors.  

Would you rather have dentistry without Novocain than engage in a crucial conversation? Do you ever find yourself walking on eggshells or letting things build up only to blow up? Do you wish you knew what to say and how to best handle difficult situations? This presentation will help!

While conflict and workplace issues are inevitable, they don’t need to be barriers to success. Highly effective individuals and leaders skillfully navigate conflict and problems as they arise and create high performance teams and relationships by engaging in tough conversations, holding individuals accountable and disagreeing productively.

With a PhD in Counselor Education and over 30 years teaching others to address problems, hold individuals accountable and navigating the inevitable excuses that accompany bad behavior, Sherene shares her insights and best strategies for addressing and resolving problems respectfully. 

Attendees will discover:

  • Why conflict is a necessary part of high-performance teams.

  • How to recognize problems and effectively intervene before they escalate

  • Strategies for navigating excuses.

  • One action to take when behavior changes don’t occur or last.

"Lots of speakers tell you the importance of conflict resolutions skills. Sherene is the speaker who taught me how to actually do conflict resolution. If you have any interaction, any sphere of influence, any work environment, there is great value to what Sherene shares."

Roy Moore, Certified Salesforce Admin and Developer

Ready to Elevate Effectiveness?

Create Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Eradicate Toxic Behaviors and Lessen Employee Stress

Delivered with heart and humor, Create Psychologically Safe Workplaces moves audiences from talking about employee well-being and psychological safety into recognizing and halting toxic behaviors and creating cultures where individuals and organizations thrive.

Relevant to every member of your team and level of leadership, this interactive keynote presentation is specifically tailored to your event and objectives. Discover a framework you can immediately use to address problems, navigate excuses and ensure problem behaviors don’t keep causing problems.

During these unprecedented times, many individuals feel fearful, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, uncertain and/or depressed. Toxic behaviors, stress and mental health issues are rising rapidly. While organizations can’t change what is going on in the world, highly successful ones create healthy environments where individuals, creativity, and productivity flourish. In this dynamic, straightforward and practical presentation, participants will be inspired and equipped to increase wellness, retention, productivity and morale.

With a PhD in Counselor Education and decades of training others to create healthy relationships and environments, Sherene shares her insights and best strategies for addressing toxic behaviors, navigating excuses, handling repeat offenses, and creating psychologically safe workplaces.

Attendees will discover:

  •  Key signs that an individual is struggling.

  • Strategies for leading honest and compassionate conversations.

  • The hidden costs of toxic individuals, work environments and stressed employees.

“What a wealth of knowledge and sharing of life experiences! The way Sherene involves everyone makes it feel like she’s a trusted family member or mentor you turned to for guidance and advice. Her ability to share, teach and bring information in at all levels makes her a speaker you’ll always remember! If you want or need truly 

"top-notch" leadership training - contact Sherene!”

Mika Wyatt, Business Manager
Texas A&M Agricultural Research

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