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Ready to Rock Your Next Event!

 Dr. Sherene McHenry, The People IQ Expert, is a former graduate professor turned full-time speaker and author. Boost employee engagement, productivity and purpose. Book her for your next event!

Sherene speaks for organizations who desire to boost engagement, productivity and purpose. She provides solutions to these challenges by sharing practical, real-world strategies that immediately decrease burnout, frustration and miscommunication. She delivers high energy, high touch, high impact keynote, breakout and virtual presentations that enhance organizations, change lives and are talked about for years to come.

What Makes Sherene
The People IQ Expert

Sherene deeply understands people and empowers individuals and organizations around the globe to bring out the best in themselves and others. She possesses a PhD, authored multiple books, engaged in research and spent a lifetime observing what does and doesn’t work when it comes to people, relationships and leadership.
Sherene saves audiences the time, money and work it takes to gain such knowledge by simplifying and sharing the essential, real-world information they need to obtain the results they want. Businesses boost their engagement, productivity and profitability, and individuals enjoy happier, healthier relationships and greater success in and out of the workplace.

Successfully Navigate Turbulent Times

This high content, high touch, high impact series of presentations is designed to provide the tools your people need to in order to be more resilient, productive, peaceful and successful despite what is happening in and out of the workplace.

Sherene's Most Requested Presentations

Sherene's Most Requested Presentations

Rock Your Engagement: Understanding The Five Types of People

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone showed up, got along and did their job? Unfortunately, in the real world Lackers, Slackers and Hackers exist and negatively impact engagement, performance and relationships. Successful individuals and leaders strategically halt destructive actions and encourage actions that lead to success. Learn to hold individuals accountable for tasks and behaviors. Get slackers to pull their weight. Protect high performers.

You will learn:
Differing strategies for working with High Flyers, Steady Gliders, Lackers, Slackers and Hackers.
Hold individuals accountable for tasks and behaviors.
Halt disruptive behaviors before they destroy morale.
Protect high performers from burning out.

“Sherene flawlessly delivered a keynote and breakout session for our semi-annual winter leadership conference and kept our leaders engaged, entertained, and inspired with relevant information, humorous anecdotes and practical tips for application. I highly recommend Sherene if you want a no fuss, well-prepared, passionate, and engaging speaker for your next event.”

Vanessa Davis, Manager of Training and Development

Freidman Real Estate

Sherene's Most Requested Presentations

Less Stress! Greater Success!

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing world and workplace, individuals often feel frazzled, frayed and frustrated due to ongoing pressures and demands. Whether your life is out of balance, burnout is looming or you simply need more minutes in your day, it's time to broaden your bandwidth. As you keep yourself energized and engaged, you operate from a position of strength and guide others in doing the same.

You will learn:
Proactive attitudes and behaviors.
How and when to say no.
Strategies for restoring and renewing your energy.
Get more of what you need and want on a daily basis.

"Incredibly inspiring, funny and comforting! Sherene helped "fill my tank" and taught me to take care of myself. Her presentation is life changing.”

Loreto Echevarria, Clinical Manager

Bayada Home Health 

Sherene's Most Requested Presentations

Prime the Pump: Generating Exceptional Motivation and Success

Unhappy, unmotivated individuals negatively impact relationships, life satisfaction and productivity. Learn to strategically create happy, motivated, loyal relationships, teams and cultures that boost engagement, authentically recognize and reward good performance and reduce turnovers.

You will learn:
Convey authentic respect and appreciation.
Enhance motivation and loyalty.
Decrease relational friction and frustration.

Based on The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (Certified Facilitator) and The Five Love Languages (Authorized Presenter)

“What a wealth of knowledge and sharing of life experiences that all could relate to and benefit from! Sure, Sherene having a PhD could be appreciated, but her personality and the way she involved all in the audience made one believe that she was a close family relative or mentor that you turned to for guidance and advice. Her skill and ability to share, teach and bring this information in at all levels makes her one of those that you will always remember and benefit! If your group or organization want/need some truly "top notch" leadership training - contact Sherene!”


Mika Wyatt, Business Manager

Texas A&M Agricultural Research

Sherene's Most Requested Presentations

Stop Walking On Egg Shells: Address Issues.
Resolve Conflict. Protect Relationships.

Conflict is inevitable in and out of the workplace, but it doesn’t need to be a barrier to success. Effective individuals skillfully navigate conflict and problems as they arise and create high performance teams and relationships by engaging in tough conversations, holding individuals accountable and arguing productively.

You will learn:
The role of conflict in creating high performance environments.
Recognize problems and effectively intervene before they escalate.
Handle disagreements respectfully and constructively.
Create win-win solutions.

"Lots of speakers tell you the importance of conflict resolutions skills. Sherene is the speaker who taught me how to actually do conflict resolution. If you have any interaction, any sphere of influence, any work environment, there is great value to what Sherene shares."


Roy Moore, Certified Salesforce Admin and Developer


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