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Ready To Rock Your Next Event!

Sherene McHenry - Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker

Sherene McHenry, PhD, CSP, LPC

Are your people tired and stressed out from the pressures of today's fast paced, ever changing world and being asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources? Are your leaders frustrated at their inability to engage their entire team? Do your leaders wish "People would just do their job"? Would you like your team to interact, communicate and lead more effectively?

Sherene works with organizations who desire to boost their engagement, productivity and purpose. She provides solutions to these challenges by sharing practical, real world strategies that immediately decrease burnout, decrease frustration and decrease miscommunication. She delivers high energy, high touch, high impact presentations, that enhance organizations, change lives and are talked about for years to come.

Authentic. Informative. Engaging.

Sherene will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind presentation. Repeatedly told she could be a standup comic, Sherene will entertain and equip your group with real-world solutions that immediately increase success. Businesses boost engagement, productivity and profitability, and individuals enjoy happier, healthier relationships and greater success in and out of the workplace.

Make your next event, meeting or conference an even bigger success!

Sherene's Clients Include

Over 25 Years of Rave Reviews!


“Sherene's virtual presentation was fantastic, I just wanted to learn more. She always brings relevant and helpful content to our group and delivers it with stories and commentary that make it easy to understand and apply! So happy she was able to be back with us virtually this year.”

Rachel Perlmutter
Annual Conference Director- Professional Development Program
Insurance Accounting Systems Association

"Sherene is an engaging speaker. I've heard her speak for two different associations and both times I left feeling empowered and invigorated. She provides relevant messages tailored to her audience, equips them with information and skills they can readily apply and makes learning fun!”

Judy Helm

President, Financial Women in Texas


“Sherene provided tools for us to better understand others and easily decode clues, avoid frustration and burnout and hold others accountable. I've heard similar material before but never from a PhD that spent her whole life studying, living and teaching it.”

Karen Paradis

Leadership Workshop Coordinator

Lake Michigan Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers